About e-shopeasy.com

Why we are here ? e-shopeasy.com was formed in October of 1997 to fulfill an obvious need in internet commerce. Today's consumer no longer is reliant on local surroundings, now utilizing the internet to access a world of products. However, currently there is a lack of real product variety from various gift and shopping sites online, leaving consumers wondering where this 'access to a world of products' exists. And, the learning curve and ease of use of the Net to its intended capacity is questionable as all of the kinks have yet to be ironed out. Meanwhile consumers want to utilize this new medium without being turned off by the misguided sites out there.
e-shopeasy.com's founders realized that consumers today have many choices for how to spend their time. By providing a service that took one aspect of their lives - shopping and gift buying - and made it easier, almost thoughtless, consumers would find it an invaluable service worth keeping for life. e-shopeasy.com aggregated all that was learned by other gift buying and shopping sites, many of whom aren't around anymore. e-shopeasy.com brought many elements together into one service - Reminders, Wish Lists, eDeals newletters, channel shopping. e-shopeasy.com, by doing the legwork of shopping online for consumers, allows consumers to slowly become acclimated to this changing medium without losing out on the opportunities it provides.
e-shopeasy.com provides consumers the ability to never shop the same way again, to choose to spend their time doing other things, and actually enjoy this new shopping medium.

Why we're different ? First and foremost e-shopeasy.com has aggregated many types of services into one.
e-shopeasy.com is the only service that offers all of these things. Secondly, e-shopeasy.com utilizes the entire Internet of merchants to suggest items to its members. At e-shopeasy.com, we use the Internet as it was intended and treat our members to the service they deserve whether we're comparison shopping for the best price or searching for suggestions for the perfect gift.
In its shopping channels, e-shopeasy.com is constantly revamping its channel selection according to what's hot and what members want to see. Channels like "International" products, "Celebrity" products and "Ethnic" Products have been introduced to add variety to the other price-driven channels.

The e-shopeasy.com "mission" to consumers worldwide
To provide to consumers of all ages, who have come to highly value their time, first of its kind shopping services, and do so personally, through various technologically advanced mediums, with the highest integrity for product selection and customer service.

The e-shopeasy.com philosophy to our employees
To provide an inviting working environment that encourages employees to work independently within a team towards fulfilling the mission of the company on a daily basis by empowering them to think out of the box, ask, suggest and expose their personalities beyond the expectations of themselves and of the company.

e-shopeasy.com fact sheet
e-shopeasy.com launched October 1, 1997
e-shopeasy.com's management has a proven track record of driving traffic and ensuring profitable business models
e-shopeasy.com, inc. is an online shopping service
e-shopeasy.com's revenue is based on advertising and affiliate networks

Membership includes:
Unlimited use of the web-site for comparison shopping and product searches
Access to thousands of hand-selected products in various channels, including Celebrity product picks
Reminders of unlimited personal special occasions and traditional holidays
Links to preferred partners for flowers, eCards, gift baskets, gift certificates and more
Access to last minute gift ideas for fast delivery
Ability to create unlimited Wish Lists/Gift Lists to share with friends and family
Access to hundreds of hand-selected and personally reviewed merchants in a store directory
Bi-Monthly eDeals of product bargains and discounts from various merchants

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